Vincent Simpkins & Mary Fries



In the last 2 quarters of 2012 I’ve been working with the artist Vincent Simpkins and up and coming artist Mary Fries. We are working on tracks that have a true live old school band sound.

We pretty much completed the writing and recording of an entire album in less than 2 months! We also did two cover tunes with the possibility of adding a third.

As a producer and engineer, I played 95% of the music on this project. That includes keys, drums and bass. Jazz trumpet artist Joe Robinson is on the project along with Mariah Carey’s guitar player Joe. Mary adds that sweetness to the backgrounds that only a good female voice can do!


Mary Fries – Roderick Carter – Vincent Simpkins


Houze Of Phat Productions

Most of the recording is done in Winston Salem, NC at the Houze Of Phat Productions Studios. We use Cubase 6.5

Vesco Studios (Vincent Simpkins)

Vincent Simpkins Studio

You may remember Vincent Simpkins from old Michelob commercials and some modeling events.

Marry is not new to the scene, she has actually recorded with me since 1998 but you will be hearing from her soon!

Together, we make world class music that is missing in today’s music.

Be on the lookout for the artist Vincent Simpkins.