Jessie O'Banner
& The United Voices Of Worship

"Rain On Me"

Jessie O’Banner & The United Voices Of Worship
Rain On Me


Jessie O’Banner started this group in 1994 and we got together to record the album titled “Rain On Me”. It was a great start of a powerhouse unit of young people and musicians ready to take on the world.

I remember how we would rehearse all day and later go to a studio in High Point, NC called Malibu Recording Studio. The engineer was Ray and he was somewhat new to the area as a studio engineer.

We had a blast recording this album and on the night of the CD Release, Hezekiah Walker was the featured guest along with his choir.

As the co-producer, I was able to get Jessie a record deal for him and the group.

In those days, creating, writing and playing music was like magic!

After the record deal went sour, I asked the company for permission to sell the album online and they granted me the request.

You will not be able to find this project anywhere else unless someone still has their original copy of it.

So, I’m offering it to you for you to add to your gospel music collection and enjoy.

Pastor Jessie O'Banner (R.I.P. September 2017)

Roderick & Jessie in a session Jan. 2016

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