My Camelback Crickets Experience

My Camelback Crickets Experience

Most people don’t like any kind of insect that has long legs and jumps very high like camelback crickets. It’s even worse when that insect is very strange looking! Well that’s how I feel about these camelback crickets. They are harmless little spider like crickets that can be a problem if you don’t like being around jumping critters.


My Camelback Cricket Farm!

 camelback crickets

Well, I was trying to catch a mouse when much to my surprise I got what you see in the photo above! I had no idea it was that many of them under my house near the water heater room. What you see are two glue traps with some mouse bait on them. I think the mouse ate the other poison and died before getting a chance to get stuck to the glue pad. But the these camelback crickets didn’t stand a chance.


camelback crickets 2

I Caught About 30 Or More Camelback Crickets


I know I see these guys a few times throughout the year but I had no idea I had a nest going on. I understand that  Talstar granules  and Niban can help with controlling camelback crickets so I’ll give those a try. But I know there is too much moisture under that part of the house and it needs to be addressed.


Do You Have Stories You Would Like To Share About Camelback Crickets?

I hate when they jump at you from what appears to be nowhere!

I also don’t like having to get one out of the tub or sink!