RadioDJ 2.0 Free First Looks

I’m testing and running the all new RadioDJ 2.0 Free and I must say that I really like the new features and the ability to change the look of the software.

This is one of the optional built in colors available. I’ve chosen it for my station and it’s not too bad but it can be edited to my own liking.

So we shall see what I finally come to when I make the official switch to the new version (currently running version 1.8.2).

Real Talk Radio with RadioDJ 2.0 Free


I have not made the switch yet because there were some changes made to this new version that eliminated some things I’m using a lot. Until those issues are rectified in some way, I’ll continue using version 1.8.2.


Below is the optional color scheme that I chose for WNIA Gospel Radio (

WNIA Gospel Radio - RadioDJ


I chose this color scheme for my station

24 Hour Preaching Network - RadioDJ 2.0


As you can see, you can really change the colors to your liking. In these samples I just chose some default options to show how versatile the color scheme is.