September 9th 2011 – 911 Attacks

September 9th 2011 – 911 Attacks

Artist Minkah Ali – “All American” Song about the 911 Attacks

I remember it all very clear the 911 attacks. I was in disbelief but watched it happening as it happened. I had just gotten off from my third shift job and had prepared myself for bed. As normal I wanted to hear the news before shutting my eyes. When I heard about the high jacking I was like, “wow, haven’t heard that term being used in the media in sometime”. Just as I was getting the details about the plane take over, they took us to a live view of where the plane hit the building and shortly after that you saw the second plane come around and hit the second building. By this time sleep was not an option and as they mentioned terrorist and other planes that were also high jacked, I couldn’t help but wonder who is doing this, what was their intent and how big of an attack is this going to be.

I often thought about all of the people that were victims both on the ground and in the air. I don’t think I got much sleep at all that day and the news was on throughout the day. America was changed on that day.

We should never take life and liberty for granted so every chance you get, you should stop and take the time to say thanks for what you have at that moment.

I’m proud to be an American but I also know that this great country will crumble and become a third world country at some point in time soon. It will fall do to the lack of faith in our Heavenly Father, the non-stop attacks on Jesus the Christ, racism and pure greed. There are those who think getting rid of certain races will make things better but this country was built from the sweat, talents and life of many races over the years. It could never sustain itself if you just got rid of certain races.