RadioDJ Online Request System Setting It Up

The RadioDJ Online Request system is a very good way to keep visitors coming back to your website and tuning in to hear your station. In these videos I show how to set things up and I show how I get around the restrictions from hosting companies. If your hosting company blocks remote database access, this video tutorial may help […]

RadioDJ 2.0 Free First Looks

I’m testing and running the all new RadioDJ 2.0 Free and I must say that I really like the new features and the ability to change the look of the software. This is one of the optional built in colors available. I’ve chosen it for my station and it’s not too bad but it can be edited to my […]

New 2016 RadioDJ Update!

  IF you didn’t know, I switched from using Sam Broadcaster to using RadioDJ! Radio DJ is a FREE radio automation software that is very stable and fun to use. Below are images of the forth coming 2016 RadioDJ update I have been so eagerly waiting for. There will be several updates under the hood that pictures can not explain […]

Installing Altacast Encoder

In this video I explain installing the Altacast Encoder (Stand Alone Version). This streaming encoder allows you to send your computers audio to a Shoutcast, Icecast, Ogg or Opus streaming server. Doing this let’s you “broadcast” out to the Internet for others to listen. If you found this video helpful, a donation would be greatly appreciated!

How To Use Voicemeeter Banana With RadioDJ

**** Sorry this video was not showing due to where it’s hosted **** In this blog post I demonstrate how I connect Skype, Altacast and Voicemeeter to RadioDJ in order to do talk radio without the annoying delay from sending sound through the computer only to hear it a second or two later. If you set it up this way […]