New 2016 RadioDJ Update!

  IF you didn’t know, I switched from using Sam Broadcaster to using RadioDJ! Radio DJ is a FREE radio automation software that is very stable and fun to use. Below are images of the forth coming 2016 RadioDJ update I have been so eagerly waiting for. There will be several updates under the hood that pictures can not explain […]

Installing Altacast Encoder

In this video I explain installing the Altacast Encoder (Stand Alone Version). This streaming encoder allows you to send your computers audio to a Shoutcast, Icecast, Ogg or Opus streaming server. Doing this let’s you “broadcast” out to the Internet for others to listen. If you found this video helpful, a donation would be greatly appreciated!

How To Use Voicemeeter Banana With RadioDJ

**** Sorry this video was not showing due to where it’s hosted **** In this blog post I demonstrate how I connect Skype, Altacast and Voicemeeter to RadioDJ in order to do talk radio without the annoying delay from sending sound through the computer only to hear it a second or two later. If you set it up this way […]

September 9th 2011 – 911 Attacks

Artist Minkah Ali – “All American” Song about the 911 Attacks I remember it all very clear the 911 attacks. I was in disbelief but watched it happening as it happened. I had just gotten off from my third shift job and had prepared myself for bed. As normal I wanted to hear the news before shutting my eyes. When […]

Raymond & Kim Larkin – Love Defined

[audio:thelarkins.mp3] The Love Defined CD was a blast to produce! We all collaborated with song writing and what you have is a really great album of music for everyone.  If you love good love songs this is the album to add to your collection! Kim and Raymond came to me needing help with their project. All they had were recordings […]

My 2002 Album Release: “Total Praise”

Album Sampler: Total Victory – “Total Praise” [audio:totalvictory.mp3]   Total Victory – “Total Praise” In the late ’90s I created a gospel singing group called Roderick Carter & The Tribe Of Praise which later signed to the label Grace & Mercy Records out of Virginia. Years later, the groups name was changed to Total Victory coined by my sister Chandra. […]