New 2016 RadioDJ Update!

  IF you didn’t know, I switched from using Sam Broadcaster to using RadioDJ! Radio DJ is a FREE radio automation software that is very stable and fun to use. Below are images of the forth coming 2016 RadioDJ update I have been so eagerly waiting for. There will be several updates under the hood that pictures can not explain […]

Installing Altacast Encoder

In this video I explain installing the Altacast Encoder (Stand Alone Version). This streaming encoder allows you to send your computers audio to a Shoutcast, Icecast, Ogg or Opus streaming server. Doing this let’s you “broadcast” out to the Internet for others to listen. If you found this video helpful, a donation would be greatly appreciated!

How To Use Voicemeeter Banana With RadioDJ

**** Sorry this video was not showing due to where it’s hosted **** In this blog post I demonstrate how I connect Skype, Altacast and Voicemeeter to RadioDJ in order to do talk radio without the annoying delay from sending sound through the computer only to hear it a second or two later. If you set it up this way […]

September 9th 2011 – 911 Attacks

Artist Minkah Ali – “All American” Song about the 911 Attacks I remember it all very clear the 911 attacks. I was in disbelief but watched it happening as it happened. I had just gotten off from my third shift job and had prepared myself for bed. As normal I wanted to hear the news before shutting my eyes. When […]